We Started A Flower Preservation Business!

  1. Kelly Simpson says:

    I am looking to preserve my daughter’s bouquet. The wedding was this past Sunday. I am looking for prices and how this works. Thank you.

    • Courtney Morales says:

      Hello Kelly!
      Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding and thank you so much for your interest in my work! I’m sending you an email!

  2. Koula Fragos says:

    Hi! I’m looking to get my friends wedding bouquet preserved for her. Her wedding was 8-1-21 though.. would you be able to help us?

    Thanks so much!

  3. leah Komba says:

    very interested. how can I get the materials? such as Silicone gel and liquid , I am from East Africa, Tanzania

    • Courtney Morales says:

      Hello Leah! I’m unfamiliar with products in East Africa, but there are several flower preservation groups on Facebook that have members from all over the world. You can join those groups and make a post to see if anyone in your area has information on suppliers where you are!

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